Thursday, April 30, 2009

{ Aprons }


So after many, many scraps cut for oven mitts and hours spent on diaper bags, I've decided to add another item to my list...APRONS! I love aprons! I have accumulated quite the collection over the years-a Halloween apron that looks like a pumpkin, a Valentine apron, even a cupcake apron (my latest addition to the collection, and probably my favorite!). So I decided to make aprons that match the scrappy mitts. I made the first one yesterday (out of the fabric that matches the Cloudy Day mitt) and I love how it turned out.
A scrappy mitt with a matching apron would be the perfect gift for Mother's Day, so email me ASAP if you are interested so I can get them made and shipped in time for the holiday.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Keep Checking

I'll be working on this blog throughout the day so keep checking back for more new stuff as I get it posted. For now, enjoy your shopping.

{ The Dolly Popper Bag }

I love this fabric! I actually bought all that my local fabric store had left and have used most of it already, so I had to resort to ordering more online. Sad. Hopefully I'll get a surprise in the mail soon.

 This bag design features six large pockets on the inside (perfect size for diapers and the travel size wipes!) and four small pockets perfect for pens (or I keep a thermometer in it, too...better safe than sorry, right?). This Yellow and Gray Amy Butler print is perfect for a boy, girl or one of each!
I went to the store again today and found some really cute fabrics to try out-I can't wait! Keep checking back...I will post them as I complete them. I am in the process of making a couple aprons and have almost finished another bag.

Thiese bags are large enough to accommodate anything and everything you need to tote along for your little one(s) without being too big and bulky. I use both sizes for my twins depending on how long I'll be out.
Buy this one or order one in your favorite color.

The Scrappy Mitt {Cloudy Day}

I decided to call this fabric combo 'Cloudy Day'...I put in 2 layers of cotton batting and special thermal insulation (who knew they made stuff like that?!) so you will be able to get anything out of your hot oven without the fear of burning yourself. I have one hanging up in my kitchen as a decoration.

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Scrappy Mitt {Mint Chocolate Chip}


This one is named for Brady...his favorite ice cream is mint chocolate's the same inner material as 'Cloudy Day'...2 layers of cotton batting and a layer of thermal batting.

The Scrappy Mitt {Blossom}


I LOVE how this one turned out! It is perfect for spring. It is my absolute favorite week of the spring when all of the trees are blossoming...I'm going to be sad when I can't take picures of the mitts with the blossoms anymore.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I have been trying to think of a good way for clients to leave feedback for all to see (I know it is something I always check and read before I order on-line). Comments are always a good way but sometimes get lost in previous posts.
Here is my solution. If you have ordered something from The Vintage Clothespin, or received an item as a gift, and would like to give some feedback (positive or negative) please comment on this post. This post will always remain at the bottom of my blog so it will be there for everyone to see. I feel like this is a great way for people to let me know how much they enjoy the product, or what they feel could use some changes or improvement.
Thanks for taking the time to leave your feedback.
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