Thursday, April 30, 2009

{ Aprons }


So after many, many scraps cut for oven mitts and hours spent on diaper bags, I've decided to add another item to my list...APRONS! I love aprons! I have accumulated quite the collection over the years-a Halloween apron that looks like a pumpkin, a Valentine apron, even a cupcake apron (my latest addition to the collection, and probably my favorite!). So I decided to make aprons that match the scrappy mitts. I made the first one yesterday (out of the fabric that matches the Cloudy Day mitt) and I love how it turned out.
A scrappy mitt with a matching apron would be the perfect gift for Mother's Day, so email me ASAP if you are interested so I can get them made and shipped in time for the holiday.


  1. Kristy,
    That is such a good deal. You get both for only $35.00!!!

    Have fun sewing.


  2. No one should look that good in an apron! Unfair!!!

  3. You know, you should just turn this into a cute top or even dress!

  4. OHHH I can not wait to see the bags I ordered! Thanks so much for being so talented and such an amazing person I love you

  5. OYH MY SAKE!!!! I feaking love that apron!!! and you look amazing by the way!!!


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