Monday, March 28, 2011

Custom Order Notice

In the short amount of time I've had my shop re-open I've already had a few requests for custom orders. 

Let's face it I'm a sucker.
In light of that I've decided to take one to two custom orders (depending on the size of the orders) every month.

March and April are already full, but I'll be sure to post about any openings if they come available or if I'm feeling particularly ambitious.

If you know you are going to want something for a baby shower or your baby that is due in, I don't know, say August don't wait until the last minuet to secure your month. To see if a month is available check over here-------->
on my side bar for an updated schedule.

By the way as I sit here and type this I keep looking out my window only to see whiteness falling from the sky. It is snowing!! Yeah, almost April and it is snowing! I like the winter and all, but I'm kinda over it now!

Friday, March 25, 2011

The most magical place on earth

I have a favorite place.
The place of my dreams really.

The Quilt Barn is my Disneyland!

First of all it is located in one of the cutest small towns, Kimberly ID. And I'm a sucker for small towns!

Heather has everything I ever want. Fabric from my favorite designers, a place for the kids to play, and a husband that will babysit them for me when he is there (that may be my favorite feature).

If you ever come for a visit you can rest assured that one of the stops on your vacation will be The Quilt Barn.

The Quilt Barn is where I bought the fabric to make my very first bag ever.

When I returned the next week to get some more fabric Heather saw my bag and was the first one to tell me that I MUST sell them. She introduced me to Etsy and the rest is history.

Why am I telling you this?

Today is a rainy cloudy day and I all I keep thinking is that I want to go to The Quilt Barn. The place where my dreams come true.

I just don't know how bad I want to drag all three kids there by my self, in the rain. Yeah it's worth it. Off to The Quilt Barn we go!!

Sad you can't come with me? Don't worry Heather does online sales too just check out their website!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Bib

Creative name right?

Honestly no cute name could do this baby bib justice so I decided to just keep it simple. That and I could not think of a name. ;)

So here it is... a little something new for the ol' shop.

a little car somethin' for the boys

Each bib is hand pieced and machine quilted to give it that sort of vintage look. On the back is a very soft, very absorbent, terry cloth fabric.

As most things in my shop the bib was made out of pure desperation. Lily has been sporting her little bibs for the last few weeks because she has sprouted a small slobbering problem. And by small I mean the whole front of her shirt is sopping wet in a matter of minuets without some sort of protection. 

So it works well even for those little cuties that aren't even eating solids yet.

All of The Bib's pictured are now for sale in my shop and ready to be shipped. Yeah for no waiting!!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My wish list

Many handmade artists have blogs.
And many handmade artist blogs have pictures of their studios.
Mine does not.

Why, you ask.

My studio while a good size is somewhat cluttered. 
I do not have any sort of closet in my room and therefore no storage!! Picture fabric and supplies strewn about. that is pretty much the current condition.

After two years with The Vintage Clothespin I have come to the conclusion that my little business is not going anywhere soon and I need to create a place that feels inspiring as well as functional. my quest for the studio of my dreams I compiled a little wish list. A wish item really. Just this one thing is that too much to ask?

It's from Aidan Gray and 
I am SO in love with it! 
Not to mention storage problem SOLVED!!

Think of all the fabric, zippers, thread, trinkets, shipping supplies, glue sticks, etc. etc. I could keep in here.
I could have a drawer for each of my hand drawn designs and all of the prototypes. Oh what a dream.

I am in the process of trying to talk my Brother-in-law into making it for me. Unfortunately he is not willing to trade this beauty for the 25 or so diaper bags it would take to pay for it. One day I will have it!! I hope:)

Do any of you have storage solutions? I am up for suggestions.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Hello Again!!

It's been a while and I'm so excited to be back! 

I have to start with a picture of my three cuties!

Now down to business. Just wanted to let all of you blog readers know that I will be opening my shop again on 

(The shop is actually open today so feel free to look, but I'll have EVERYTHING listed tomorrow.)

I have a bunch of NEW stuff I can't wait to show you.

One thing has changed for a little while. 
I will not be taking any custom orders.
I am not quite ready to jump in with those just yet.
One bonus of this though is that everything in my shop is


This means no more waiting for the typical 10-14 business days!!
All orders will be shipped on Thursdays.

One more thing. As a blog reader I'm going to give you a coupon for 10% off. This coupon will only be good for OPENING day 


Be sure to write a little reminder on your calendar so you don't forget.

The code is:


I'm so excited to be back!
Thank you to all of you for your support. 


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