Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My wish list

Many handmade artists have blogs.
And many handmade artist blogs have pictures of their studios.
Mine does not.

Why, you ask.

My studio while a good size is somewhat cluttered. 
I do not have any sort of closet in my room and therefore no storage!! Picture fabric and supplies strewn about. that is pretty much the current condition.

After two years with The Vintage Clothespin I have come to the conclusion that my little business is not going anywhere soon and I need to create a place that feels inspiring as well as functional. my quest for the studio of my dreams I compiled a little wish list. A wish item really. Just this one thing is that too much to ask?

It's from Aidan Gray and 
I am SO in love with it! 
Not to mention storage problem SOLVED!!

Think of all the fabric, zippers, thread, trinkets, shipping supplies, glue sticks, etc. etc. I could keep in here.
I could have a drawer for each of my hand drawn designs and all of the prototypes. Oh what a dream.

I am in the process of trying to talk my Brother-in-law into making it for me. Unfortunately he is not willing to trade this beauty for the 25 or so diaper bags it would take to pay for it. One day I will have it!! I hope:)

Do any of you have storage solutions? I am up for suggestions.

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