Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Bib

Creative name right?

Honestly no cute name could do this baby bib justice so I decided to just keep it simple. That and I could not think of a name. ;)

So here it is... a little something new for the ol' shop.

a little car somethin' for the boys

Each bib is hand pieced and machine quilted to give it that sort of vintage look. On the back is a very soft, very absorbent, terry cloth fabric.

As most things in my shop the bib was made out of pure desperation. Lily has been sporting her little bibs for the last few weeks because she has sprouted a small slobbering problem. And by small I mean the whole front of her shirt is sopping wet in a matter of minuets without some sort of protection. 

So it works well even for those little cuties that aren't even eating solids yet.

All of The Bib's pictured are now for sale in my shop and ready to be shipped. Yeah for no waiting!!


1 comment:

  1. So, looking here at your blog, I so wish I had made friends with you earlier. I COULD NOT find a bib that tied when Em was little. Everything snapped and velcro'd. She quickly figured that out and would rip everything off. So we gave up on a bib and invested in some stain pre-treater. If only I had made those cookies and taken them over when you moved in like I thought I should...


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