Friday, August 26, 2011

A bag for L&M

Here's hoping L is too busy with her new baby boy M to read my blog!
L (not the same as last time.) ordered a bag and told me that she wanted me to pick everything. She wanted to have nothing to do with the design process at all! 
I had a great time! 

I didn't know she loved purple until I had already ordered the fabric so that was a very pleasant surprise indeed!

I did the new Boo Bear style bag for her and can I just say that it is HARD to find this color of purple. It is exactly what I had in mind, but I honestly ordered and sent back four different fabrics for this bag. I'm so glad that I finally got the right stuff at the last minute.

Thanks L for letting me make a bag for you. And thanks for your huge vote of confidence in letting me pick everything out. It was so much fun!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The ipod Case

I have an ipod.
I recently crushed said ipod.
Thus, The ipod Case.

(This one has a small whoops on it. I accidentally put the eyelet on the wrong side so I had to add another. If you would like the OOPPPS one for a great price just let me know. Also, it is more of a mustard color not so much bright yellow.)

 In the interest of full disclosure I dropped and shattered the screen of our ipod a couple days after I made The Case, but I randomly was not using it. I was so mad when I picked it up and saw the nice shiny screen all cracked and chipped. I don't know if my cover would have helped the screen to not crack, but I really beat myself up for not having the ipod in there. I therefore came home and made a bunch more cases to cover the ugly spiderweb crisscrossing my screen.

(There is an eyelet on each case for your little ear buds to fit in)

These three are available now! The buckles are now on backorder so I'll list a bunch more when I get some more buckles in.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Something Old...Something New

 I have a huge pile of clothes to donate. The only thing is I can't help but thinking about how cute some of the fabric is. I decided to do something about it instead of letting the two laundry baskets full of old/way to small now clothes sit in my room and clutter away.

Something old...

Something new...

I'm working on a tutorial/pattern for this dress, but I hate stopping to take pictures of the process. I just get way to excited to get to the finished product. So Lily will have to have a few more dresses like this just to get all the steps documented.

Lily just learned how to scoot and found herself a new hiding place. I think this girl loves fabric almost as much as I do.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Peep Toes (Black Tie)

For two years I have wanted to make peep toe shoes. For two years I could not get my mind to create what I wanted it to. Then about a week ago I was chatting with my Mom in my studio holding Lily while the boys took a nap and it hit me! It literally popped right into my head. I had to have my Mom hold Lily really fast so I could sew a sample right away before I forgot.

It worked. And yesterday I tried to make one again. Good thing I had the sample to refer to because as quickly as the idea came it left.

Say Hello to The Black Tie. The second shoe in The Lily Collection.

Yeah, collection. I could not pick one single shoe to make and name Lily so I decided to have a whole collection named after her. I guess that is one benefit to having your Mom be the designer. Downside? You also have to model.

These cute little shoes have a pleated satin T-Strap with a satin ribbon that wraps around the ankle and ties in the back. Look at those cute chubby legs! Admit it, it's way cuter than the shoes!

My little Lily makes a great foot model. Just look at how she works those shoes. Ok, honestly there was a little help from Daddy with the crossing of the feet. :)

Thanks Mom for holding Lily for that quick second. Good things always seem to pop into my head when you are around.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I have a bit of a thing for purple right now. 
Here is a little peek at a few of the purple things to come.

 This little purple Bracelet Cuff is custom made to fit any little girl. It is the perfect little dainty accesory. It makes me think of little tea parties and little girls all dressed up for the occasion.

This is also available in different colors. I just had to make Lily a purple one. :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

LW. This bags for you!

I just wanted to post a quick custom order.

LW is expecting her third little boy in October. I'm in love with how your bag turned out L. And congrats on the new little cutie to come!!

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