Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Peep Toes (Black Tie)

For two years I have wanted to make peep toe shoes. For two years I could not get my mind to create what I wanted it to. Then about a week ago I was chatting with my Mom in my studio holding Lily while the boys took a nap and it hit me! It literally popped right into my head. I had to have my Mom hold Lily really fast so I could sew a sample right away before I forgot.

It worked. And yesterday I tried to make one again. Good thing I had the sample to refer to because as quickly as the idea came it left.

Say Hello to The Black Tie. The second shoe in The Lily Collection.

Yeah, collection. I could not pick one single shoe to make and name Lily so I decided to have a whole collection named after her. I guess that is one benefit to having your Mom be the designer. Downside? You also have to model.

These cute little shoes have a pleated satin T-Strap with a satin ribbon that wraps around the ankle and ties in the back. Look at those cute chubby legs! Admit it, it's way cuter than the shoes!

My little Lily makes a great foot model. Just look at how she works those shoes. Ok, honestly there was a little help from Daddy with the crossing of the feet. :)

Thanks Mom for holding Lily for that quick second. Good things always seem to pop into my head when you are around.


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