Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The ipod Case

I have an ipod.
I recently crushed said ipod.
Thus, The ipod Case.

(This one has a small whoops on it. I accidentally put the eyelet on the wrong side so I had to add another. If you would like the OOPPPS one for a great price just let me know. Also, it is more of a mustard color not so much bright yellow.)

 In the interest of full disclosure I dropped and shattered the screen of our ipod a couple days after I made The Case, but I randomly was not using it. I was so mad when I picked it up and saw the nice shiny screen all cracked and chipped. I don't know if my cover would have helped the screen to not crack, but I really beat myself up for not having the ipod in there. I therefore came home and made a bunch more cases to cover the ugly spiderweb crisscrossing my screen.

(There is an eyelet on each case for your little ear buds to fit in)

These three are available now! The buckles are now on backorder so I'll list a bunch more when I get some more buckles in.


  1. So cool! You are amazing. What will you think of next? I can't wait to see. :)

  2. These are beautiful! How much are you selling them for?


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