Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Something Old...Something New

 I have a huge pile of clothes to donate. The only thing is I can't help but thinking about how cute some of the fabric is. I decided to do something about it instead of letting the two laundry baskets full of old/way to small now clothes sit in my room and clutter away.

Something old...

Something new...

I'm working on a tutorial/pattern for this dress, but I hate stopping to take pictures of the process. I just get way to excited to get to the finished product. So Lily will have to have a few more dresses like this just to get all the steps documented.

Lily just learned how to scoot and found herself a new hiding place. I think this girl loves fabric almost as much as I do.


  1. Oh my heck you are so talented. That is sooooo cute, and you have a beautiful model. Can't wait to play this weekend. love you guys!!

  2. You are amazing. Oh my heart, Lilly's new outfit is so cute!! And that girls and her love for clothes and closets is going to turn into a lot of fun when she gets a bit bigger :)


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