Thursday, April 28, 2011

What Will You Win??

If you think I just forgot to post what the winner of my Give-A-Way will receive you are wrong.
I honestly just could not decide. 

So here is the deal...

The winner will get to pick from a huge variety of things. I'm not even opposed to trying something new.

Here are a few ideas:

Baby Shoes
Changing Set
Gadget Case for your gadget
Pillow cover
Maybe a skirt for your baby girl
Headband (for you or baby)

Ok you get the idea. 

The point is you don't have to have a baby or even know anyone that does. I'll make you something that will be a great fit for you no matter what stage of life  you are in.

So go ahead and enter on the next post down.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Cleaning, Anniversary and Maybe A Give-A-Way

Okay okay, yes there will be a give-a-way, but back to that in a minuet.

I love spring. Spring in fact is when I first started The Vintage Clothespin. Yep, it's been 2 years this month that I sold my first pair of oven mitts. Affectionately named "The Scrappy Mitt".

Spring is my creative time. I'm not sure why. Maybe it is the warm weather, maybe the sun and all the Vitamin D. Or maybe it is just when for no reason at all my mind starts to go and does not stop.

 I'm in sort of a predicament. I have so many ideas in my head right now. So many in fact that if I don't start sewing them soon I'm afraid I'll loose them. My sweet husband suggested I draw my ideas out so I don't forget them. Oh sweet husband of mine, don't you remember...I CAN'T DRAW!! That is absolutely not a talent of mine. That is also why you will NEVER see sketches of things I'm working on. I simply don't have any and just plain can't make them.

In order for me to be able to sew these new ideas I have to have a place to put the finished product. (Umm, yeah I'm out of places to store things. I even moved everything out of our linen closet and renamed it "The Vintage Clothespin Storage Center").

Here is where you come in. You lucky people you!


I'll be listing ABSOlUTELY EVERYTHING I have that is made and ready to be shipped. Some of it is new stuff that I have just never had a chance to list and some of it is already in the shop now.


The sale starts TODAY, as in RIGHT NOW and ends on Saturday April 30, 2011!!!

Head on over to the shop! Once it is gone it is gone!! 

And just because blogs are boring without any pictures I added some random ones in. Yeah, they have nothing really to do with any of this, but I hope you enjoy them. :)

WAIT!!! The give-a-way! I almost forgot.

Three ways to enter:

*** Like me on Facebook***

***Facebook, or blog about the sale***

and last but not least

***Tell me something you'd like me to start making or selling. No new ideas? Tell me your favorite thing I already make.***

Listen up this is important


if you do all three things make sure you post a comment for EACH OF THEM. That means if you complete all three tasks you should leave me three different comments.

And now if you have made it through this whole long wordy post leave an extra comment for yourself. You deserve a BONUS entry. :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Say Welcome to:

The Gadget Cases

This one is for the Macbook Air. I made it first because well that is what I have. 

Look for iPad, iPod, Kindle and tons of other cases to come soon!

Love the hardware!

Want one? Check my shop or sign up for a month over there--->

Friday, April 8, 2011

My Newest Addition (The Camera Bag)

Remember back when I sold my old camera?

Well, I got myself a new one and I've been thinking and thinking about the perfect design for my new camera bag. 

And here it is...

I wanted a messenger style bag so I could just throw it across me when I was shooting and not have to worry about it falling off of my shoulder. I came up with this new design. Is it tacky to fall in love with your own design?

The buckles are one of my favorite parts (who am I kidding, I love  the whole thing!). I looked and looked for something original and I think I found it with these little beauties. 

Inside I have a liner that divides into five different sections if needed. Right now I just have it divided into four. It fits my camera, two lenses (one on camera), my charger and all the cords that go with it, as well as my little Flip camcorder.

And just incase that was not enough I have eight little pockets inside for my business cards, phone, ipod...

On the back and front (under the flap) are four pockets large enough for notebooks and fun books. There is also a pocket on each side. As if I didn't have enough!

To top everything off I put some feet on the bottom to protect my bag as well as my camera. I love them!

So that's it, The Camera Bag.

I'll be taking a few custom orders for these so if you want one be sure to sign up for your month. 

Also, this new messenger bag will be available soon in a purse style!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Little birdie love

I just got an email for this new line by Joel Dewberry


Check out the whole line here: Really do you won't be sorry!

Joel's first Aviary line was discontinued and I bought all I could of it. I have since ran out and just yesterday looked at my last tiny piece of fabric from his collection and was a little sad to use it up. Then this...yeah!

Don't you want me to make something pretty for you out of this wonderful fabric?

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