Thursday, April 28, 2011

What Will You Win??

If you think I just forgot to post what the winner of my Give-A-Way will receive you are wrong.
I honestly just could not decide. 

So here is the deal...

The winner will get to pick from a huge variety of things. I'm not even opposed to trying something new.

Here are a few ideas:

Baby Shoes
Changing Set
Gadget Case for your gadget
Pillow cover
Maybe a skirt for your baby girl
Headband (for you or baby)

Ok you get the idea. 

The point is you don't have to have a baby or even know anyone that does. I'll make you something that will be a great fit for you no matter what stage of life  you are in.

So go ahead and enter on the next post down.


  1. We're expecting our 2nd baby in June, I would either want a new changing set or a new wallet! How fun!

  2. Brandy that is SO exciting! Congratulations and I hope everything goes amazingly well!

  3. I love your products Kristi! The Quality is awesome! Thanks for sharing your talents! :):) Patty


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