Friday, January 11, 2013

My Book

This is my book.
This book is filled with me. 
It is filled with my very first sketches of what The Vintage Clothespin would become. 

My first sketches of oven mitts, bags, shoes, wallets, bibs
and my most recent ones 4 years later quilts, more bags, dresses, scarfs, and so many more. 

It is filled with my heart.
 It is where I go when I need a break. 
When I need a place to put the things that keep me awake at night on paper so I can stop fearing I'll forget them in the morning.

I started with a note book I got on a back to school sale then thought that I wanted something more me. Something that I would want to keep around forever. 
So I made this.

 My first coptic book. 
My first journal of the things I wanted to create.

My book is starting to get full. Only a couple pages remain empty. It's going to be sad to put this book on the self, but I am pretty excited to start filling another one! Do you have a place to keep your special things and ideas?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

For All The True Blooded Aggies!!

Show me a Scotsman,
Who doesn't love the thistle.

Show me an English man,
Who doesn't love the rose.

Show me the true blooded Aggie from Utah,
Who doesn't love the spot...

Where the sagebrush grows!  

Utah State University will always hold a soft spot in my heart. It is here that I first met my husband and it is this school that I looked at every day while I grew up in the BEAUTIFUL Cache Valley. I just didn't feel right making this blue onesie into anything else. 

Here you go Aggie boys and girls, near and far these onesie cardigans are just for you!! 

Twin sets are listed too!

Let's hear it for the Utah State Aggies!!

Go Aggies
Go Aggies
Hey, Hey Hey!

Find them Here in my shop.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Talent For Some, But Not So Much For Me

My husband and I have this problem. We like to take unsightly things and make them better. Or we think we are making them better. 
When we had only been married for about a year and were still in that, "oh how poor can two people possibly be" phase if life we went to the DI. We were in need of some night stands and found nothing. We did find a HUGE "spool". Not really a spool, but that is what it looked like. I know you have seen them, the things that farmers keep mass amounts of twine on. Anyway we purchased the huge spool for about $3.00 and then Mod Podged the center of the spool with wrapping paper that coordinated with our bedroom. We turned the spool on its end and wala a night stand. We were very impressed with our creative decorative abilities and honestly if blogs would have existed then we most likely would have started an interior design blog. I mean we were so good.

Then we had a friend come to visit (this friend will never forgive me for posting this!). We were showing her around our ridiculously small apartment and made our way to our bedroom. She walked in and instantly started laughing. It was then that I realized I may not have the talent in interior design I thought I had. That was okay it wasn't really a passion for me anyway. I am thankful though that I didn't start that design blog after all.

Then Once Upon a Time... I saw this at a thrift store.

Quirky? Yes, but I fell in love and thought I'd try my hand at interior decorating again.

A crazy amount little bit of white fabric and a little love is all this baby needed.

I think my talent lies in sewing not Mod Podging. ;)

What do you think of the transformation? I might be up for a few more, but it could go completely the wrong way considering my history. What about you? Do you have any treasures you've transformed or totally ruined?

Monday, January 7, 2013

Bibs, They're Back and Cuter Than Ever!

Back by popular demand...

The Bib

I listed these beauties today and there are a few more to come.

Probably the best thing about these bibs (beside the super great absorbent terry cloth backing, the meticulously pieced front and the adorably heirloom quilting that holds it all together) is that they are each one-of-a-kind

I never make the same bib twice, I think it's kind of boring and every kid should have at least one thing that no one else in the world has right?

Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Few More Little Man Cardigan Newbies

I'm loving these little guys!

I think I'm leaning toward the striped ones. Do you have a favorite one so far?

Friday, January 4, 2013

The Little Man Cardigan

After I started making little shoes for girls I got asked a lot when I'll get have some stuff for little guys in my shop.  Long ago I sold little guy onesies but that is about as boyish as it got around The VC.

I've thought a lot about how I could incorporate boys a little better, I do have 2 of them after all. I've been kind of stumped though. As I was looking through my daughters closet of cardigans (we have a bit of a cardigan obsession Lily and I) I had a spark of an idea. 

Then as I threw out all her stained onesies it kinda hit me.

Here it is! 

The Little Man Cardigan

It's here in the shop just waiting for your little guy to make it look good. Watch for lots of new colors and styles to come, I just can't stop!

For the next 3 days use this code and take 15% off!

CODE: littleman15
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