Friday, January 11, 2013

My Book

This is my book.
This book is filled with me. 
It is filled with my very first sketches of what The Vintage Clothespin would become. 

My first sketches of oven mitts, bags, shoes, wallets, bibs
and my most recent ones 4 years later quilts, more bags, dresses, scarfs, and so many more. 

It is filled with my heart.
 It is where I go when I need a break. 
When I need a place to put the things that keep me awake at night on paper so I can stop fearing I'll forget them in the morning.

I started with a note book I got on a back to school sale then thought that I wanted something more me. Something that I would want to keep around forever. 
So I made this.

 My first coptic book. 
My first journal of the things I wanted to create.

My book is starting to get full. Only a couple pages remain empty. It's going to be sad to put this book on the self, but I am pretty excited to start filling another one! Do you have a place to keep your special things and ideas?


  1. I usually just try and keep it in my head.. Not a good idea if you want to remember it a week+ later!

  2. You made that?? Holy buckets!! I keep about a thousant notebooks around to skets write and doodle in. I also keep a ton of stuff on my phone, but nothing is as beautiful as your designs.


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