Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What you've been waiting for

I'm officially open again!!

I can't wait to show you all of the new stuff I have been working on!! Be sure to check my etsy site for a ton of new changing sets. Some of them are one-of-a-kind so be sure to get yours fast. At $30.00 I think they would make the best baby shower gift or even Christmas gift.

Here it is, my secret project. Ok, not so secret, but new and fun!! A couple of months ago my friend Annie told me about a carrier cover that her sister-in-law had. She thought it was great and suggested that I add them to my shop. I loved the idea! However, after researching carrier covers they all seemed to be exactly the same! They were all basically a blanket with ties to hold it onto the handle of the carrier. My whole objective here is to have something original so I kind of put the carrier cover on the back burner. Then, I got a request from a previous client to make a carrier cover for her new little baby. This lit the fire again.

So here it is... The Carrier Canopy

I'm in love with it! It has everything that I would want. In fact it makes me excited to have another baby just so I can use it. No, that was in no way an announcement!

**The Canopy is held on securely with elastic around the front and back. This will be especially useful on those windy days. No longer will you be chasing your blanket or having your little bundle of joy choke in the wind when your old carrier cover flaps in the breeze.**

**The Canopy is held onto the carrier with loops made of coordinating fabric and easily attached with Velcro. This allows you to still use the loop your arm around the handle methood of carring the car seat.**

One of my favorite features is this little "window". This makes it easy to check on your little Sleeping Beauty, or Sleeping Handsome as the case may be. Again, this is held down with Velcro.

You think I'm done don't you? I mean what else could this amazing Carrier Canopy possibly offer?!


The Carrier Canopy is COMPLETLY REVERSIBLE!!!

Yep!! How great is that!?!

So what becomes of the velcro on the outside and the loops on the inside when you flip it?

This little button is actually attached with velcro and can be used as a cover for the piece of Velcro you are not using.

As for the loops...they become toy holders for the baby on the inside. What little one would not love that?

So there it is my new Carrier Canopy.  It is a must have for the cold/flu/RSV season. Not to mention just a good thing to keep your baby out of the elements. I hope you love it as much as I do.

Tomorrow I will be posting two new bootie designs for your viewing pleasure.


  1. I LOVE it! What another great item you have come up with.

  2. Oh my gosh! I lOVE it!! I was hoping that you would make something like this! Ditto, on the can't wait to have another baby just to use one. (no announcement here either.) :)

  3. Do you think that the red changing set you have for sale would work for a friend having a little boy?

  4. WOW! This is awesome!! Way better than the one I saw... but what should I expect from you?!

  5. Wow!! I love it! We made these in Relief Society--minus the window & elastic & reversibility!! What great ideas you have--you are amazing!


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