Saturday, March 13, 2010

The New Burpie!

Did you think that just because I was on vacation I would stop sewing? I must have some sort of illness because I just can not stop!

What are they you ask?

Something that will make spit-up more fashionable. Ok so wearing said spit-up on your clothing is still not recommended and is honestly NOT fashionable, but this will help in both areas. The Burpie!

Both you and baby will look great while using the burpie. And what new mom does not appriciate keeping her clothes clean all day?

The Burpie had a soft cotton print on the front and wonderfully soft and absorbent chenille on the back.

Order these individually or as a set of three for a discounted price. They will be in my shop on Monday so check them out!

As a blog reader you get to have first dibs. If you see a set you like let me know and I'll hold it for you. I will not be doing custom orders for a while (more details on that later) so let me know before they hit my etsy shop on Monday. And keep watching for more to come.


  1. Those are adorable! What a great idea! How much are they?

  2. LOVE! I see the print for my bag in the stack! hmmmm. Stefanie Maska

  3. PERFECT for the gift I need to get for a friend!!! YEAH!!

  4. Kristy these turned out cute!!!

  5. Oh i LOVE them! TOo bad my babies are bigger and I don't need any burpies right now! I'll keep you in mind for the future!


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