Saturday, November 3, 2012

Calling all Quilters and Non-quilters too!

Hey all!

I'm looking for a few of people to test a couple new patterns. If you are interested please comment below or email me. I'll be choosing 3 people of all different levels. So even if you've never quilted before I'd love to have you as a tester.

Just a few things:

A)You would need to be able to purchase all fabric needed as it will not be provided.

B) You will need to be able to commit to finishing the quilt within 2 weeks of receiving the pattern. Please make sure you will have the time to make this happen before submitting your name.

C) Let me know what skill level you are. I'd love to have a few quilting and sewing newbies as well as a few who have done it for a while and all the in between. 

E) I will need photographs of your finished product. I will be using the photos on my blog so in submitting your name you are also giving me permission to use your amazing images of your finished project

D) If you have any pictures of a blog of your work I'd love to see it. Mostly I'd just like to get to know you a little better. :)

That's all. Easy right?

Is there any item I sell that you would like to see in a pattern?  Which of The VC designs would you like to make?


Quilting call now closed.

 I'm beyond words! The response to this post has been incredible. My inbox is overflowing. I'll be taking the next couple of days to look over all of your submissions and I'll be sending out emails at the end of the week to everyone to let you know. If you commented on this post or facebook and do not have a link for your email address please leave me one. :) Thanks!


  1. I think I'd like to give it a try! I've never made a quilt, so I'm a newbie, but I am a sewer--you can see my work on my blog and on my Facebook page: I am in the process of redecorating my daughter's room for the arrival of her little brother in February or March, so I was planning on making most of her bedding--this could be my inspiration!

  2. I've never made a quilt, but it's on my list of things to learn as soon as possible! I do sew quite a bit though, regardless of my lack of quilting ability and I often make my own patterns when making things. No blog I can link you to (private!), but I am a professional photographer, so I would be able to take some great images of the finished product.


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