Saturday, June 29, 2013

Twins In Stripes

Having Twins, I couldn't resist making twin quilts. 

These will work with any twin combo you were blessed with: 



 and even Girl-Boy. 

Only need one? Don't worry they come together at the same price as a single pattern. Just a little twin bonus for you! :)

Find it in the shop here:

*Disclaimer: Even though these two patterns are priced the same as one I feel it my duty to dispel any rumors or comments to come. Twins are not actually a 2 for 1 deal. I'm here to tell you, they cost the same as any other 2 children. They sure are a great deal of fun though!! ;)


  1. Seriously?! So so so cute. You're so talented! Love these so much!!

  2. Hey Kristy,

    Anyway to still get the pattern for this quilt? Etsy says it’s no longer available. ��


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