Monday, September 7, 2009

Some new little baby booties

Here are the newest additions to the booties. What do you think?
The Maya Baby shoe
The Alexandria Baby shoe
The new Boy baby shoe (yet to be named).
The Isabel Baby shoe


  1. Very cute! I especially love the names. Are the ribbons meant to be untied when you put the shoe on and off?

  2. Yes. They are long enough to untie and then tie back up once they are on. And the clear stuff is actually elastic so it will strech over the foot.

    Thanks for the great questions Whitney!

  3. so cute!! are they just fabric on the bottom too or do they have some sort of sole on them?? by the are so cute and i miss you!

  4. hey...also, on the diaper bag. would it be possible to put a zipper on it so it could zip shut?? just an idea, let me know. I am dieing to get one. i just have to talk my husband into it!

  5. Hey, I grew up with your husbands family. I use to hang out with Travis in highschool anyway.(my name was ashlee capner)Im in love with your stuff and was wondering if you'd be interested in doing consignment at a boutique/flower shop in Provo? Let me know.


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