Friday, December 10, 2010

She's Amazing!

My Little Miss made her official debut on November 27, 2010. She only had a three min. birthday since she was born at 11:57pm.
She is beautiful and amazing.
I could not have pictured a more perfect little girl.

I'm taking some time off to focus on my family.
 Thanks for all of your support!


  1. She is so precious!!!! Congratulations!

  2. Beautiful! Congratulations!!!

  3. So...i was drewling over your cute and very creative blog and noticed my house in the back ground of one of your! I'm the one with the tripple stroller....anywho...i go to the quilt barn all the time! I love to sew sew sew.....I'm going to start going ti the block of the month at the quilt barn....i love heather she is the sweetest! Antway I thought that was so funny.....that we areneighbors

  4. Mindy that is CRAZY!! I love that I actually stopped to talk to you and everything. So funny. We need to get together. I'm always up for a sewing party!

    I can't get over how funny this is. Well nice to meet you neighbor!


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