Friday, August 17, 2012

Grandma's first quilt

I am so lucky to have my mom come visit for a month or so every summer. Every year I tell my mom I want to make something with her. And every year I end up finishing a bunch of my projects while my mom sits on my studio recliner, trims my threads (my dreaded task), unpicks my mistakes (another dreaded task), and chats wih me about life, kids, and business. Looking back my mom definetly gets the bad end of the deal. 

This year I have no studio and no recliner for her to sit in. I have no unfinished projects (let me be completely honest here. I have plenty of unfinished projects it's just that they are still packed in boxes labeled "studio" which again I don't have so they remain packed and in my garage waiting).

During my last trip to arizona I had a lot of time to think, and design. I finally found the perfect fabric for my next quilt design and I promptly showed it to my mom.

 She was in love! She talked about it for a couple of days and finally asked if I would mind if she made the same quilt. I was estatic! We left immediately to two of my local quilt shops and bought all the supplies. When the sales clerk asked what my mom what was making she got a proud smile on her face and said, "an amazingly cute quilt my daughter over there (said while pointing right at me as I was wrestling my three kids our of the fat quarters and acting like I was not listening in at all) designed. She is an amazing seamstress!" I have to say while I was a bit embarrassed there is nothing like a shamless plug by your sweet mom to make your day. Anyway to make a long story a little less long. My mom and I have been working on her VERY FIRST QUILT EVER for the last week and last night we started quilting it. I can't wait to see it all complete!

Come visit me and I'll help you make one of my new designs too. :)


  1. Perfect, I'm in! :) I don't believe that's her first quilt! So fun!!

  2. Your mom showed me her new quilt and it's gorgeous!
    I'd love to come visit you and make one of your designs. Sounds very fun to me!


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