Friday, August 21, 2009


I know that most everyone suffers from an addiction of some kind weather it be a certain kind of food or a bad habit. Well I found yet another one of my addictions. I'm in love with making booties!! I literally can not stop! I was up until midnight (those of you who know have your jaws hanging open right now with a small gasp of disbelief knowing that I never go to bed later then 10:30!) because they are just so dang cute and lets face it addicting!!

Here are just a few.
The Brooklyn Baby shoe

The Halley Baby shoe
The Brynlie Baby shoe
The Kumora Baby shoe

Don't forget to come back on Tuesday for details about the new contest!!


  1. OH MY! They are all so beautiful! I am especially in love with the fabric on the 2nd set of booties. Having a girl would be so fun! I think I would have to order a diaper bag in that fabric with our next baby FOR SURE!!

  2. Absoutely freakin' adorable!

    I see you already have a fabulous button! I should have checked first before sending my email!

    Sorry I took so long to get back to you!


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