Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Yeah for free stuff!!

Here we go!! I have thought long and hard about this give-a-way and here it is. There different ways to enter and best of all you get to pick what you win. Yep, you read right, YOU get to pick what you win.
Here's how it goes:

  1. Take a button and proudly display it on your blog. Make sure I have access to your blog to verify.
  2. Do a post on your blog about what you will pick if you win.
  3. Become a follower to The Vintage Clothespin blog.

Don't forget to leave a comment with a list of all the items you accomplished.

And now what you have all been waiting for. What will you win? I wish there was a more suspenseful way to do this!

You get to pick!!!

Yep, you read that right. You get to pick your prize. So here are your choices:
  • Two pairs of your favorite booties (I just designed some boy ones too.)

  • One nursing cover
  • One changing set
  • Two headbands (for you or baby)

(Thank you Cicily and Maya for being my little models!)

  • One pair of booties and one headband
  • One wallet and card holder

Are you excited yet? I am!! Any of these items will be made with the fabric of your choice. Even if I have to order something you saw online or in a store that I don't already have. Again...you get to pick. How great is that?!

So what are you waiting for?


  1. I would love the wallet! I tried to post your button but it wouldn't show up on my blog. But I did become a follower.

  2. Try posting it in your side bar. Go the the part that says add a gadget and then to HTML/JavaScript. Then just paste the code on. That should work. If not let me know.


  3. Okay sister, I did all 3 items-put the button, did a post, and you were already on my list of followers on the side of my blog. Yay!

  4. I can't figure out how to add myself as a follower on your blog, never done that before?

  5. I went to high school with Brady & I've been admiring your creations for a while. You are SO amazingly talented! I love the stuff that you make. I have 3 little boys and your cute booties are making me want a girl really badly. You're stuff is just super darling!

    I've added a button to my blog etc..., but my blog is private. So if you want to check it out I can add you to my blog. My email address is jackieleishman at yahoo dot com. Tell Brady I say hi,

    Jackie (Pierce) Leishman

  6. Kristy!! I love these booties! They are so cute! If I won, that is what I would choose.
    Still loving my diaper bag and changing set. I always get complements about it and tell them to check the link on my blog. You are AMAZING!

  7. Sorry to leave a 2nd post! I was just so excited that I didn't follow directions the first time! NOW, I have done all three items. Hope I'm the winner! :)

  8. Hey~ I have become a follower, put a botton on my blog and a post! I would love some little shoes for my little Reagan! You are so creative! Now, Good Luck to me!

  9. I love the tiny baby booties! I have twin girls so I would choose those for sure. You are so talented! I am now a follower.


  10. 1.I have your button up
    2.I blogged
    3.and I follow your blog!
    I would Love anything, but the nursing cover is probably what I'd pick! Cute giveaway!!

  11. DID IT ALL!!! Common boys!! Pick your favorite Aunt Katie in CV!! Got the button, follower, and I want it all!!

  12. Hi Kristy! I would like to enter for your drawing! I put a button to your blog on my blog under the friends and family link.
    I am having a terrible time choosing what I could win....but I think I would have to go with the changing pad and wipes cover. (I'm not prego but would love it for our future babies!)
    Hope I win! I love to enter for your give a ways!

  13. Hey Couponing Buddy, I did all 3 and can't wait till I win! ;)

  14. Hey Kristy I love your blog I added the button and I am now a follower. I would pick the nursing cover if I were to win, and I hope I do I LOVE your stuff!

  15. I follow you. amsbolda@hotmail.com

  16. I love your stuff so much! I have added your button and done a little post. I would for sure pick the booties; love them!


  17. Pick me! I added the button to my blog and am now a follower. Not sure what I'd pick...want them all!


  18. Alright...

    So I blogged about the giveaway, I added the button and I became a follower!!

    Hope I win!!


  19. Love looking at your things and have posted your button. Since I'm about to become a grandmother for the first time, I would love a pair of those booties for the baby. Gorgeous stuff!

  20. What a great idea, the give a way. I have done all three objectives and feel I am very deserving of the prize :) I seriously love all your stuff! I never knew you had such talent, but I guess I should have figured as much due to your artistic eye when it comes to photography.

  21. Oh so I see I have some competition but I am determined to win this. I will drive to Idaho and pick up my headband if that is what it takes. We love you in Vegas!!!

  22. I became a follower and posted on my blog about what I would LOVE to win! By the way, came across your site from Sarah Hrebicek- one of my best friends from college! Thanks! Your stuff is SO CUTE!

  23. such cute stuff!
    1. I posted on my blog
    2. became a follower
    3. added a button!

    I have triplets that are one 2 boys and 1 girl I think I would choose booties for them to share but I love the headbands too! so cute!


  24. I'm a follower! It's a super hard choice... I think it would be between the nursing cover and the changing set! :)

  25. K you know I don't do the blog so I guess I will have to Just buy something. WHAT about those booties!!!!! The cutest ever, I will need a pair. Let me know how much or if there is anything I need to do. My mother in law was going to order a diaper bag for my sis in law, maybe she already did. If not she will be getting in touch!! love ya Jaci

  26. Now that I have checked the blog a little further (Its been a while) I see the booties and their prices. I will see what I have more of in colors, or you can suprise ME!! Email me and we will see!! love ya Jaci

  27. I followed you, grabbed your button,then Blogged about it!


  28. Hello, I found you from a friend of a friend (Dena & Sarah). I love to sew, but you are an inspiring seamstress! Your talent and style is amazing and I am happy to blog about you, I love your aprons, well actually I love everything you've done. You are so talented and creative. I blogged, buttoned and followed. I'm in.

  29. Hey Kristy i saw your site on Lindsey's i love your stuff so cute. I love the bags and booties i am a huge sucker for baby booties my little emree needs them all. hope i win too!!

  30. I am a blog follower!
    I have your button here:
    I wrote a lovely blog post on your adorable blog and shop here:

    CherryBlossomsDesign at hotmail

  31. I'm a new mom and new to your blog. I would love to have some free stuff to try before I buy :)


  32. So I did a post and signed up as a follower so I'm already to win this one, OK!! You never cease to amaze!

  33. I have your button up (left sidebar), I'm a follower and I blogged here: http://leochelleisabella.blogspot.com/2009/08/adorable-giveaway-alert.html

    Thank you so much for the cute giveaway! It was hard to decide what I would pick if I won :)


  34. I have your button up on my blog:


    I'm also a follower now! :)


  35. I became a follower. I love the booties, so cute!

  36. I'm a follower, adorable stuff!!!!!

  37. I became a follower of your blog... Love the diaper bag! Thanks!

  38. cute shoes! i'm a follower now.

  39. Hi Kristy, I blogged about you on my website: www.brightandhappypeople.com and I added a link. Haven't figured out how to add the button yet, Tom is the computer guy in the family, so hopefully I'll get it up there soon. I love those booties! Thanks, Lara

  40. Kristy, I put a button on my blog, and also became a follower!


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