Tuesday, August 4, 2009

mission accomplished!

I'm done...OK not really, but I'm most of the way done. I thought I would quickly post why I had to put my shop on vacation. I had an order from a high end baby store here in Twin Falls (I know not the place I pictured a store like this either). I went in there one day with the boys and Brady and she fell in love with my bag. She ordered two boy bags and two girl bags with matching changing sets. Then I got a little bombarded with my Etsy shop and I had to close everything down to play catch up for a little while.

I am so excited that my stuff got into a store! I'm not sure if I will keep selling to her, we are still working out the logistics. But the two boy bags I took her sold in the first five days. How exciting is that!!!

So here are some pictures of the store bags and just some random other ones I was working on at the time. Enjoy!
4 sets for 9 Months Later


  1. Kristy, thank you a million times over for making a set for me and Cicily. Every time I look at it I get excited and I can't believe you actually sewed the whole thing. You make amazingly high quality items!
    I'll be so much happier carrying around Cicily's supplies now!!

  2. THAT IS SO GREAT!!!! congrats!!! I SO could see your stuff selling in a boutique!!! YEAH for you!!!! miss you're face hon!!!

  3. Kristy! I'm so proud of you! Way to go! You are so talented and I love your stuff! How is everything else going for you? Do you like it in Idaho? We sure miss you around here. Hope you and the family are doing well.


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