Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day of Debut

In an effort to give you as many chances as possible to enter the contest (ends on Monday) and just to make this day more fun in general I have decided to debut a few new things all day long. Ending this evening with the limited edition line. So keep checking for new posts to come.

First up...the NEW "Little Miss Apron". 

I think these would make the perfect little Valentine gift for any little girl.  I'll even make a matching one for Mom.

Flowers are on a broach pin so they are easy to take off when you wash the apron.

Thank you so much to my little model Anna! She was just adorable for this little shoot. It was freezing outside, But she still gave me the biggest smile ever! Watch for her little sister as a model in posts to come.

Taking home her loot!


  1. What a great idea and yes a great gift for Valentines! Love it!

  2. What cute pictures and the apron is adorable. Love the model..
    Anna's Granny

  3. Your stuff always makes me wish I had a little girl. It's all so cute.

  4. Freaking cute sister! I'll be there next weekend, right?

  5. How much will you be selling these for?? I have a mini chef who turned 2 today that would LOVE one of these!!! ADORABLE!

  6. I love those flower pins!! so cute on an apron!!!

  7. Oh my 3 year old would love this. Too cute. Oh and I love your blog I just came across it today. Supper cute things.

  8. These are super cute aprons! I love them!


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