Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Debut #2


Say hello to the two newest Baby Shoes.

The Jill Baby Shoe (in honor of my model)

and The Patricia Baby Shoe

These shoes are part of my limited edition stuff because they are made of the fabric that I am not able to replace.

 Look for The Jill Baby Shoe and The Patricia Baby Shoe on my etsy site.

Thanks again Jill! I had to post a picture of Jill. She has such cute feet, but you have to get a look at her little face!


  1. I honestly don't even have words for how cute this booties are! Great job :)

  2. oh my cuteness! your beautiful creations make me wish i had a little girl so i could buy all these.


    Oh and i added a button to my blog so all my friends can check out your site and see how wonderfully talented you are!

  3. Ooohhh those make me a little sad that I am having a boy this time around! They are so awesome!

  4. I love that you matched them to the purse!

  5. too bad I have a little boy... Daddy probably wouldn't appreciate it much. stef maska

  6. Ooo! I love the Patricia! They remind me of mini dance shoes!

  7. awe....sniff. How cute to have a purse with the same fabric and the booties!!!! oh dreams...

  8. oh my gosh where were you when my girls were babies? LOL. fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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