Friday, October 8, 2010

The Dream Sling

Here it is...

The Dream Sling

I'm so excited to add this new ring sling to my shop!
I searched high and low and did a ton of research to prefect this design.

The sling is made of a single layer of fabric so that it is easy to use and very breathable for baby. Want a cordinating fabric on the inside? Just ask!

Tail can be worn down or tucked around your back and under baby.
The Dream Sling is great for babies and toddlers from 6lbs. to 35lbs. There are many different ways to wear it so that baby will never get board! (Baby pictured is five months old).

The gather along the back makes this sling fit right every time! Never will all the fabric bunch together or will you be messing around trying to get it to lay flat across your back. Just a great fit everytime.

Don't know how to use a ring sling? I'll send you a link to a wonderful site with all the do's and dont's after purchase and before your sling is shipped.

You can find this one in my shop today and look for more on Monday. There is only one other sling made with this fabric, it's mine. ;) The one pictured it made of an Amy Butler fabric that is now out of print. So if this is the one you want snatch consider this fair warning that it is the only one you will be able to get.

So...what do you think?

P.S. Thanks to Amanda and Leila for being such great models!!

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