Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Dress for Lily

A few days ago Lily insisted on wearing my apron. It looked so cute on her I decided I would have to make her a few but never got around to it.

 Then as I was folding my mountains of laundry I came across a white onesie with a stain on the tummy. Then it came to me. Lily loves it when I wear "long dress Momma? Pretty." I had to make Lily a Maxie dress of her own.

I took the kids down to the basement and unboxed some of my fabric to let Lily choose. She started screaming in her high pitched squeal, "That one, I like that pink on Momma!" We bought the fabric upstairs and each kiddo got to help make a dress for Lily. They love sewing on the "robot machine" and this was a pretty simple project for them to help with. Plus I love that they keep saying, "We just made Lily a dress huh." 

Look for a bunch more of these to come she is a dress girl! And maybe a few in my shop later in the week.


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