Monday, October 22, 2012

The 4th Annual Sewing Weekend!

Every year I host a Sewing Weekend. This marks the 3rd year (the first year we had so much fun we did it twice.) This also marks the 1st year all of my Anderson family girls were able to attend. We had a BLAST!

My Hubby took the kids to his Momma's house for the weekend while his Momma and our two Sisters-in-law came to our house. The agenda included a weekend full of sewing. I made it clear that this was a hard core event, there would be no shopping and no going to be early. We were here to sew/craft all day for the next two and a half days (I get a little intense during sewing weekend).

Friday started out with everyone arriving and me not being at my house when they did. I was at Target making some last minuet purchases when I got a phone call that they were waiting on my porch! OOPPS!! I already broke the first rule of no shopping.

Everyone was greeted with their very own pair of slippers. I purchased the pattern last year and have just been waiting for the perfect chance to use it. Since this weekend I have also purchased the little boy and little girl pattern for these slippers. I just couldn't resist.

We sewed and crafted and ate fondue (which I don't have a picture of because of said intensity to sewing weekend) made a frozen custard run and stayed up late, a couple of us until 2:39am!!

Katie found it a bit disturbing that I kept putting pins in my mouth to hold them. Am I the ONLY one who does this?

Saturday morning we awoke to the wonderful smell of a breakfast casserole in the oven with fresh, warm bran muffins waiting for us. Thanks Momma Carol for rising early to feed us! I then broke the no shopping rule again when I decided to change my quilt pattern a bit thus needing more fabric. I felt so bad. I told everyone I had to go to the fabric store, but they were welcome to stay and sew if they wanted. Let me just tell you that as fabric store junkies it was not a problem and we all went shopping with the Witches. It was a huge Witch event at Gardner Village and we loved every second of it.

Brooke and Carol had to leave Saturday afternoon so we said our goodbyes and they were off. Katie and I got back to work and work we did. Two quilt tops later I was ready to call it a night. 

All in all we got so much done. Brooke worked a lot on a Christmas present for her kids and it's going to be so cute!

 Carol...well the thing is Carol forgot most of her fabric so she volunteered to help us with our projects and keep us supplied with fudge and frozen custard, which in my book contributed greatly to this event!

Katie finished her quilt top, and quilted said quilt top, that she has worked on for the last I'm not allowed to mention how many sewing weekends.

I finished two quilt tops, quilted one of them and basted the other (to be fair on of the tops was almost done!). The pictures for those will have to wait though. I can't spoil what's to come. :)

Thanks Ladies for such a great even this year! I already can't wait for next year!

A few things I learned this weekend...

A) Katie has some mad accessorizing skills.

B) When I'm tired frozen custard makes me kind of loopy! I think I scared my sisters forever!

C) These apple pie scones are just as good as they sound! 


  1. They call me a fashonista :) and the slippers are fantastic! I love the new sewing weekend tradition!

  2. Sounds wonderful. I'm so sad I couldn't make it. And I'm glad you liked the scones. They are pretty yummy!

  3. You HAVE to hold the pins in your mouth. Where else would you put them?!

    1. I completely agree! Pincushions are for the week! :)

  4. What is the pattern for the slippers? Do you sell them? I just re-found your are so creative.

    1. I'm so glad you are back. :) I don't sell this pattern it is actually one I bought. I'll find the link for you though. :)

  5. I'll take a pair of slippers in red. :) Those are so cute!!!


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